Monday, November 3, 2014

The Night Before Election in ND, Fighting for Life

Fr. Basil Atwell
Fr. John Paul Gardner
“No matter how much money or time or effort on this work any of us spend, only our fidelity to God is seen and blessed by Him. Our true faith is measured by our trust in His effective grace. If we, who fight this good fight to pass Measure 1 do not recognize our need for Him in this fight, then our efforts are simply our own and not God's. It will take a miracle to have this pass; and a miracle of God is what we must pray for.”  Pax. Fr. Basil

Vote Yes on M1 in Fort Yates
At St. Bernard Mission

"This is a spiritual battle."  -Fr. Atwell

Parade Walkers

Faith Leaders at Press Conference
Pow-wow Parade

"Warriors for Life, Warriors for Christ, this is the Lord's and we know he already knows.  We all have answered his call to battle.  I am so proud of all of you and like in any war, proud to call you my battle buddies!  I now know that soldier bond."  -Shelle Aberle, Communications Director.

"The Psalmist says, "The fool says in his heart there is no God, they are corrupt and have become abominable.  Pray for them indeed."  --Jo Bogner after learning 300 of our signs were stolen in Fargo.

 “I am encouraged when I see legislators passing amendments.... If people stop talking about abortion, it becomes institutionalized.”  - Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the St. Thomas More Law Center

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