Saturday, November 22, 2014

20 Cool Things About Nuns in Habits

1. Guys don’t mistake them for available singles and accidentally hit on them.

2.  In a group, you can barely tell them apart.

3.  No bad hair days.

4.  No wardrobe malfunctions.

5.  It brings intrigue such as: Where do they put their money and driver’s license?

6.  Gaining a few pounds is never an issue.

7.  Yell:  “Hey Sister!” and they will turn around.

8.  No one asks them what they do for a living.

9.  Heels are not necessary to compete the outfit.

10.  Habits make a powerful fashion statement:  I am consecrated to Jesus. 

11.  On hot summer days, people feel good knowing there’s someone hotter than they are.

12.  In winter, long underwear is cleverly hidden.

13.  Without saying a word, they reduce bad language in public.

14.  They draw attention for all the right reasons.

15.  It’s a first for people who have never seen nuns in habits.

16.  A big rosary is a nice accessory.

17.  Unlike tie-dye, habits are always in style.

18.  It's  very entertaining, watching people make  sidelong glances and do double takes.

19.  You can dare a friend to ask them if they wear pajamas to bed.

20.  They make people smile.

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