Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can Contraception Raise Family IQ's?

     Minorities are not generally high achievers so the government has a responsibility to reduce their population. (Stay with me, I have a point to make.) Singleton children from highly educated, successful parents tend to be self-centered, so the government needs to address that unpatriotic situation.   Rich families breed kids with tendencies for depression, so they should be encouraged not to procreate.

     Are these hateful and ignorant statements?  Uh, yeah. Would anyone dare speak them publically?  Not if they value their reputations.  So then, explain to me why one of President Obama’s top science advisers got away with claiming children from large families have lower IQ’s and the government has a responsibility to curb such populations.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

They Just Don’t Understand

I once did not understand. So now, instead of getting upset when others don’t understand, I see it as an opportunity to inform or at least to pray for them.

When I came to understand Catholic teaching on love and marriage, my heart grew to include the unborn children I once thought I did not want.  Knowledge demanded action since my husband and I had taken permanent measures to end the creation of life in our family.  One reversal and four more souls later, our clan of ten, grew to twelve when we later accepted two orphans from Kenya. Love grows; pure and simple. But some just don’t know that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


You are a dummy if you do not friend the Blessed Mother, the best thing this side of God. Mary is the very best friend we could ever have. Yet, there are some out there who don’t even bother accepting her friendship. 

In general, Protestants don’t include her in their social circles but there are also plenty of Catholics who don’t bother with her. That’s even dumber than splitting from the Catholic Church. Ironically, the Protestant Fathers actually had a devotion to Mary.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why a Child is a Good Idea

Today, in "Annie's Mailbox" newspaper column, a woman who admitted having no desire for children wrote: "Babies are messy, leaky, smelly and noisy, as well as demanding and expensive."

The woman is accurate. It is not logical to have a child. A baby will drain your bank account and rob you of sleep.  It will be twenty or more years before he begins to truly appreciate all you do for him.  He will fight your authority and push the limits. Your lights will be left in the “on” position, long after he has has left the room. Then, there’s all the mess and the stress. Yes, life will never be the same if you have a child.