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Author, speaker, and mother of 10, Patti Maguire Armstrong offers workshops and talks for both students and adults: 

Read, Pray and Write - An interactive workshop that does more than just improve writing; it teaches life skills in union with the Holy Spirit 

Achieve your Full Spiritual Potential - Forget about climbing the corporate ladder--reach even higher, into eternity. 

A New Attitude - It’s not reality but attitude that drives your life. 

Stories of Amazing Grace - Amazing stories to make your spirit soar. 

Adding 2 AIDS Orphans -A story of tears and miracles you won’t forget. 

Conversion Story - From ignorance and The National Enquirer, to  Catholic writer

Catholic Hand-Me-Downs - Key teachings for parents and kids. 

Post Pill, a Reversal, and 7 More Souls - Getting a clue on Catholic teaching.

Mary, Our Mother - The Bible Says So!

What's So Great about Motherhood?

And talks tailored to any theme! 
Patti and Mark are parents to ten children including two AIDS orphans from Kenya. She worked in the fields of social work and public administration before staying home. Her many radio and TV appearances include EWTN Television's "Live" with Father Mitch Pacwa, Doug Keck's "Bookmark" and "This is the Day” on Catholic TV. Patti’s articles appear regularly on Catholic Exchange, Integrated Catholic Life, and Catholic Mom.com. She has published hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and 10 books.


  1. Patti
    So great to run into your blog. Thanks for all that you do! Kathy Grafsgaard (mom of Fr. Tom)

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for all your kind words. Fr. Tom was the speaker last year for the Women's Retreat I help put on every year. He did a fantastic job. You raised a wonderful son. Good to hear from you.


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