Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Planned Parenthood Dropout is Redeemed by Grace

Another one bites the dust—the Planned Parenthood dust that is. Ramona Trevino is one of the latest former Planned Parenthood employees to free herself from the shackles of delusion and a paycheck from the #1 baby killer in the world. 
In her new book, Redeemed by Grace: A Catholic Women's Journey to Planned Parenthood and Back, written with the help of Roxane B Salonen, Ramona explained how a good Catholic girl who once wanted to be a nun, ended up managing a Sherman, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic. Ultimately, she paused long enough to look past the rhetoric of a contraceptive/abortive mentality and faced the truth. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:38).
Roxane Salonen
The story begins with a rooftop promise to always follow God that Ramona made when she was 8 years old. But as a teen, a good-looking young man schmoozed his way into her life.  Looks do not make up for abuse but it took Ramona time and prayer to escape from the sham of a marriage.  She left with her 4-year old daughter and eventually found her way back into the Catholic faith. Afterwards, true love with a wonderful young man and a Catholic marriage ensued.
But Ramona was only halfway to a happy ending at that point.  On the outside, prolife Catholics understandably ask, how did a nice girl like her end up in the Planned Parenthood clinic?  Her journey to the fullness of faith was not made in a single step. Paychecks, confusion, and excuses slowed the journey. 
Since the clinic only referred for abortions and handed out contraception, an uniformed Catholic such as Ramona could convince herself that she did not have blood on her hands.  But there were too many times when her desire to really help girls conflicted with her job description. Going into a juvenile detention center was one of those times.
A social worker had requested a Planned Parenthood representative come talk with the girls in custody who were tending to get impregnated by older men.  “Since we were all about prevention, I reasoned, if we could just get these young girls on birth control, we would be decreasing unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortions,” Ramona explained.  The idea of brownie points for garnering future clients at the clinic and hmmm, maybe even a raise, was also on her mind. 
Ramona walked into the juvenile jail encircled in barbed wire.  Two female probation officers stood sentinel in the corners of the room.  “I was struck by the innocent-looking faces of the girls, about a dozen of them ages thirteen to seventeen,” she recalled, thinking that under slightly different circumstances, she could have ended up in such a place.  Ramona realized that contraception was not the answer.  Those girls were in vicious cycles of abuse and refused to release the names of the statutory-rapist fathers.  They needed far more than contraception.
Some were pregnant or already had babies and all participated in risky behaviors. Ramona taught them about the reproduction system and STDs. “ I shared statistics such as one in three women will have an STD by the time she turns twenty-five, to give them a lasting impression of what they might expect if they continued along their current path.”
Then, as her time drew short, Ramona was gripped with the desire to give them more.  “While this is all important,” she told them. “There’s something else I want to share with you today.” Under the gaze of the stern probation officers Ramona continued. “ I want you to know that God loves you very much, and more than anything else, he wants you go love yourselves.”
Ramona Trevino
She told them they deserved more. “You don’t have to live this way. Just because you are not a virgin anymore doesn’t mean you can’t go back and be abstinent again. There is such a thing as a second virginity.”
Ramona shared her own story. In the midst of her discussion, she felt God guide her words and also realized that birth control was not the solution for these girls.  She could tell they had been touched by the message.  One girl even had tears slipping from her eyes.  
Driving home that day, Ramona’s conscience was awakened. She asked herself how handing out contraception was helping such girls.  It was a thread that ultimately led to Ramona’s unraveling at Planned Parenthood.
The story of Ramona’s struggle to reconcile her faith with all aspects of her life is compelling. Since her escape from Planned Parenthood, Ramona became a public speaker and prolife advocate.  Such a story as this shows that our prayers against the culture of death are working.  And it is an important reminder that our fight is not against people in the abortion industry, but against the evil that confuses them.  
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