Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Inspiration x 2

     Happy Spring! I am writing to share my exciting  news that  I have 2 books released this spring.  Both were written to entertain readers with engaging stories that inspire.       

     When I just wrote for secular publications, I thought religion was boring, My goal now, whether writing fiction or non-fiction, is to present faith in a real and an exciting way. Both books can be enjoyed by all denominations. 

Big Hearted

     At a time when families are under attack in our culture, my co-author,  Theresa Thomas and I  have assembled a recipe for happy families in our book,  Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories From Everyday FamiliesThis collection of stories from across the U.S. and Australia, gives a personal glimpse into creating homes filled with love.  Theresa and I know first-hand of the struggles and the joys that come by way of the family.  Theresa, a cancer survivor is the mother of nine and I have ten children, two of whom were AIDS orphans from Kenya.   This book reveals some of the inner struggles and joys and even miracles that can happen through family love. 

The Thomas Family
“ We wrote this book for families who are striving to be open to love and life in a culture that is not always supportive,” said Theresa, “We also wrote this book for those who may not have had the opportunity to experience big hearted families of origin. This book allows readers to peek inside homes filled with generosity and love, and hopefully give them courage and hope.” 

“…The possibility of your family walking in victory will come into an energizing focus.”
—Jeff Cavins, author, internationally renowned speaker

“In a time of broken marriages, dysfunctional families, and a growing disregard for human life, this book shares what love and faith in God can achieve… Be prepared—this book is likely to have a profound effect on you!”
—Randy Hain, author and co-founder Integrated Catholic

“Patti Armstrong and Theresa Thomas, show that with open hearts and God’s grace, our families won’t just survive, but will thrive!”
—Tom Peterson author of Catholics Come Home 

     The world is suffering from selfishness and even governments paying couples to have children have been unable to open their hearts.  This book shows how love begets love and grows big hearts.”

Here are just some of the people you will meet:

*   A Mother who confronts her alcoholism and finds healing through love of family
*   A couple with 7 children, tormented by not wanting their 8th child:  their first daughter with      Down's syndrome
*   A couple wondering if they made a mistake adopting an emotionally damaged child
*   Two happy-ending stories of teenaged pregnancies.

God cannot be outdone in generosity. The stories in these pages will show you how big hearted families experience this truth in a myriad of ways, sometimes miraculously.  
The Armstrong Family

Dear God

My second book   Dear God, I Don't Get It   --only $7.99-- with illustrator Shannon Wirrenga is a fun and exciting story of adventures in faith for kids (although even adults have given it glowing praise). It is planned to be the first in a series. 

What is the value of prayer if God does not give you what you are praying for? This question is pondered by Aaron, a 6th grader who faces a crisis in faith when his family moves. Aaron seeks God through disappointment and confusion as the new kid at school.  When he shows kindness to an unlikely kid, Aaron risks losing his newfound friends.  Will God be there to save him and his faltering faith?

This book blends drama, humor, and inspiration to address questions faced when prayers seem not to be  answered during difficult times―most importantly, “Is God even listening?” 
Dear God, I Don’t Get It  is a glimpse into a growing relationship with God and coming to trust that he  knows what is best for us.  Kids don't usually read religion books, but through an entertaining story, religion is absorbed effortlessly. 

Consider both books as a way to celebrate your faith and share it with your loved ones. Keep in touch on Facebook:   Dear God Books ,  Big Hearted Families.  

May God bless you abundantly!

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