Friday, October 19, 2012

Cleaning House by Margaret Williams

     There came a time in my life when I was going through a spiritual renewal and examining how I could grow closer to God.  I decided to purify my house by getting rid of anything I considered to be evil.  We have a big house with thirteen rooms, six of them bedrooms for our eleven children.  That covers a lot of space.
     I cleaned out closets, crawl space in the attic, the basement, every place I could think of where there might be something in question.  I was a collector of books and I disposed of anything that had to do with horoscopes, numerology, etc.  There was a time when I thought of these things as innocent fun, but later realized they are a gateway into the occult.

     It was an on going process that took me months to complete.  Finally, the day came when I sat back and was satisfied, feeling my house was free of any intentional evil. 

     One day, I was walking from the living room to the kitchen and upon entering the dining room noticed one of my father’s oil paintings lying on the floor.  Through the years I had acquired a lot of wonderful art, mostly from my recently deceased father who at one time had some of his paintings on exhibit in the Detroit Institute of Art.    This particular picture was of a bearded man reminiscent of an old Biblical character.  

     On retrieving the picture from the floor, I tightened the wire on the back and returned it to the wall.  A little while later as I reentered the room, I noticed the picture on the floor again.  I thought maybe I missed fixing something on the back so, I double checked it and hung it back on the wall.

     I could hardly believe it but as I walked through the house, I found the picture on the floor for the third time, only this time the backing of the picture was separated from the canvas. When my father framed a picture he would cut a piece of wood the size of the canvas to give it additional support   In his naiveté he took one of my half brothers discarded toys for this purpose.  The exposed backing was made of pressed wood on the outside, but the inside revealed it’s true purpose.  It was a
Ouija board.  It had the words “Ouija, Yes” showing.

     I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I would have never found out about that hidden evil if it were not for the intentional good of God allowing it to be uncovered.
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  1. This is a wonderful story. Our God is so good!

  2. Dear Patti, That story was wonderful. The Holy Spirit is good at showing us more. He knows all the hidden areas of our lives and it just goes to show us that the Holy Spirit is truly with us all the time. Thank you for sharing that story from Margaret Williams. Peace and God Bless St. Raphael

  3. Yes, when we truly follow the Lord, the Holy Spirit walks with us and helps us to make decisions and seek what is true. Great story and thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. They are always appreciated. It means a lot to a writer who seeks to work for God and others to hear from readers who were touched by a story. May God bless you and keep you close.

  5. Interesting story and so revealing how God takes care of his children, he truly is our shepherd. God is good and merciful, praise his Holy Name. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This story reminds me of how abhorant any evil is to God. The naive use of the ouija board was unacceptable, as even a small fault or attachment to venial sin.

  7. I had a similiar experience. I asked God if Yugio cards kids were playing with several years ago were evil, and I should look into it. As I was thinking about this request, a television remote control on my coffee table turned 180 degrees, as I was looking at it, and pointed to a Yugio magazine my son had brought home. I opened the magazine and saw some of the characters were "spirits" ,etc. calling on evil for power. I through the magazine, etc. in the garbage.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiencing. Many years ago my oldest son collected Yugio cards. From the start, I had a bad feeling about them. He said you play card games with others who collect them. He had a friend from a nice family who had the cards too. Listening to the characters in play one night, I decided that would be the end of them. I explained that some of the characters were Masonic and there was a definite evil feel to everything for me. Later, I came across a pile of Yugio magazines another friend had given him. As I looked through them, the evil was not even masked. One article basically said that parents are afraid these are evil and they are right. I've learned to trust my instincts.

  8. This is one of many experiences I've either heard about or experienced. I coming to think of it as the total reality of God's creation. God bless.

  9. Wow. Thanks be to God!

    I went through a similar act of cleansing my home – mostly books.

    But, I also went to my parents home, where I remembered they had a ouija board stashed (it had belonged to my protestant grandparents who didn't understand the evil it could summon). I found it and smashed the thing to pieces.

  10. Praise God!!!
    That's how much he wants to protect us!!!
    Blessings Lori ~

  11. Wow, amazing! God saw the good you were doing and lent a helping hand. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  12. God is Good!

    Also, please remove the security - it makes it so difficult to enter comments. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for sharing. Thanks be to God for all His blessings. He is always there, we just have to listen.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to share that incredible story.... sometimes I feel alone in my convictions, but not today! Dorothy Pilarski

  15. Just a P.S. to this article, Margaret Williams is a wonderful, loving, Catholic Mother of 11. She contributed a couple of stories to the Amazing Grace series. Many of the stories were ghost written by me but Margaret wrote her own. She is a lady who has been in the trenches--tracking down a daughter and saving her from the clutches of the drug world (Amazing Grace for Survivors) and also having a premonition about the "Tarzan Tree" her kids loved to climb and swing on. She had a bad feeling and said she didn't want any of the kids playing on it anymore. A short time later, the tree had completely fallen over and was lying on the lawn. Margaret is an example of a regular person tapping into the Divine through her desire to surrender her life to God.


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