Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Where Politics and Science Collide

Politics and science are often at odds, according to Mike Maguire, an atmospheric scientist for 38 years and occasional guest as the “Catholic Meteorologist” on Relevant Radio's Drew Mariani Show.  He writes here as a guest blogger, expressing his perspective that politics has been trying to redefine science in the areas of climate and life. 

It's interesting to see how one side redefines scientific realms using politics so that they match up nicely with their political agenda. 
We are currently enjoying a climate optimum by all scientific standards. The planet has continued to massively green up and beneficially warm (at around +1.3 deg./century) and the last 40 years have featured the best weather/climate since the Medieval Warm Period,  1,000 years ago. However, we are still not as warm as the Holocene Climate OPTIMUM, 5,000+ years ago. Note that it's called the Holocene Climate OPTIMUM by scientists and not the Holocene Climate CRISIS, because life was at its best when it was warmer than this in the past—rock solid, irrefutable science. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_climatic_optimum.
The only place currently  where a climate crisis exists is on computer model simulations of the atmosphere, going out to the next 100 years that have all been too warm and very wrong because they are programmed with bad equations by biased modelers, often driven by political agenda, while ignoring the indisputable real world climate optimum for the real life on the real planet. 
Then there's CO2. It's a beneficial gas in every scientific field. Biology, agronomy/plant science, zoology, climate science… and more. The only realm where this isn't the case? Politics. That is where CO2 has absurdly  been defined as pollution to accomplish a political agenda(vilify fossil fuels and impose global socialism). 
Many of the same people have also decided to redefine the science of human life to match up with their agenda. In every field of science, human life begins at conception: biology, medicine, genetics, embryonics, neuroscience… and more. The only realm where this isn't the case? Politics. That is where we are told that life absurdly begins after the human baby exits the womb—9 months after science tells us life began, to justify ending that life before it reaches the outside world.
They accuse those that object to their hijacking of science as being religious zealots. What the heck?  Atheists and non-religious also need to be held to the same authentic scientific standards that everybody, outside of the world of  their politics uses to define life. 
Religion is based on faith that often can't be proven. But the scientific principles in these fields have been proven and accepted for centuries. Laws of nature should be used to create just laws for humanity. Let the authentic science shine brightly to replace the darkness of political deceit! 
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