Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Sign from Above During Adoration

I had already turned in my article to the National Catholic Register on “Our Blessed Mother, the Stress Expert.”  (To be published soon.) I was onto other things by that time. Then, during adoration, God let me know I had completely overlooked something very important.

The very first miracle Jesus performed was because his mother was concerned about someone’s stress.  At the wedding at Cana, the wine had run out ––a very stressful situation for the host. When Jesus changed water into wine, it was because his mother had come to him about relieving someone’s stress.
“Wow! Thank you, God!” I thought. He had just given me the best point of the article which had totally escaped me. Later that day, I rewrote it and resubmitted.
While still in adoration, I had been in awe at how God communicated with me. Looking at Jesus in the monstrance, I was also then struck by the beauty of the sun’s rays shining from the stained glass window visible through the lingering smoke of incense from exposition.  I took a picture with my phone then looked to see if the sun’s rays showed up.  To my surprise, there were rays coming from above, covering the Blessed Mother statue next to the altar. I looked before me. No visible rays came from above.  I immediately took a few more pictures. No more rays showed up.
For me, it was a loving sign from God.  He had just shed light to me about something important to include in the article on the power of the Blessed Mother’s intercession to relieve our stress. Then, in the next moment, rays from heaven appeared pouring down over her in my photograph.  Although absolutely nothing changed in the next few seconds, nothing more showed up as light from above in my camera.  Never has such an image ever appeared in my pictures.
People may come up with explanations as to why there appeared to be light rays on the Blessed Mother statue.  For me, whatever the reason, it happened together with God shedding light to me on the example in Scripture of Mary's powerful intercession for us. 
When I wrote the Amazing Grace Books with Jeff Cavins and Matthew Pinto, I was continually uplifted by story after story of personal encounters with God.  He is intimately close to us if we would just take the time to quiet our minds and be open to him. And the Blessed Mother really will take our needs to her son Jesus if we would give them to her.  She doesn't stand in the place of Jesus.  The Blessed Mother goes with us.

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