Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Media Scarce for "Walks for Life" but Cover Pro-abortion "Black Monday"

The secular media’s enthusiasm for Poland’s pro-abortion protest on October 2,  after years of ignoring the much bigger March for Life in Washington, DC, is ironic.  Every year at the March for Life in D.C.  secular reporting is hard to find despite all the markings of a big news story—a big demonstration drawing hundreds of thousands from across the country to the nation’s capitol.  Last year, an epic blizzard arriving during the march made it an especially great story.  Yet, outside Catholic and conservative news sources, most (with a few exceptions) ignored it. 
Only about 15 seconds made the network TV news.  If a fraction of those people were looting and shoplifting, the media would have been all over it.  Secular reporters obviously do not want to report that the pro-life movement is vibrant and full of young people going great lengths to show their commitment to life.

Black Monday Becomes Media Darling
Contrast the scarcity of March for Life reporting with the media frenzy over “Black Monday” in Warsaw, Poland and a few other Polish towns.  The story was plastered all over the U.S. newspapers and sites.  Polish women by the thousands wore black and took to the streets, boycotting jobs and school to protest a legislative proposal for a total ban on abortion.
The largely Catholic nation has one of Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws. Under the existing law in place since 1993, abortion is banned except in cases where the woman’s life is in danger, the fetus is irreparably damaged or the pregnancy results from rape, or incest.
 A new proposal, now being examined by a parliamentary commission, would make all abortions illegal, even in cases of rape or when the woman’s life is at risk.  The penalty could be prison time for both abortion doctors and women who seek abortions. The proposal came from an antiabortion citizens’ initiative that had gathered 450,000 signatures in this nation of 38 million.  If it becomes law, it will make Poland's abortion laws as restrictive as those in two other European countries: Malta and the Vatican.
Women wore black in mourning over their feared loss of choice to abort unborn babies.  Good call on the color but depraved on the reason.  Black is well suited to reflect a black hole of evil where innocent babies are aborted because their lives are inconvenient.  According to Abortion Clock.org, over 59 million lives have been lost in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade and worldwide, 1 ½ billion babies have been killed in abortions.  That is what should be mourned.
A few news stories put in a sentence or two about counter-protestors dressing in white and attending Masses to support the lives of the unborn.  I could find no additional information about pro-life activities.

Coat Hanger Blackmail
News coverage on Black Monday was rampant with pro-abortion rhetoric.  We see pictures of protesters holding up their beloved coat hangers as a reminder of the dangerous method of self-induced abortion. It  threatens: Make abortion legal or we will use coat hangers to kill babies!  
A doctor was quoted as saying: “If I have a patient with pre-eclampsia, who is 32 weeks pregnant, I will have to let her and her child die because if I perform a caesarean section and the child dies, I may go to prison for three years, because the child was premature."  Oh brother!  That doctor doesn’t know the difference between trying to save a mother’s life and an abortion?  It’s a stupid example because the doctor is claiming both must die or she would get charged with the baby’s death.  It’s the type of deceit the fuels the pro-abortion agenda.
It has never been illegal to save the life of a mother even if the baby cannot also be saved.  It’s not against Catholic teaching to do so either.

Obviously the liberal media wants to promote their pet issue—abortion over prolife—but I have a personal observation.  The pro-abortion side may have more access to the media but we are more about our access to God.  Our march is filled with prayer. Their march was full of obscene gestures and signs such as one with an illustration of a fallopian tube ending in a hand giving the finger.  Abortion is evil and their protest reflects that.  Media coverage would be nice, but God coverage is far better.
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