Friday, October 14, 2016

Hillary's Diabolical Compliment to the Catholic Church

No one hates the Catholic Church more than the devil.  But the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Our Church will not be put asunder.  Not even by Hillary.
The leaked emails from WikiLeaks shows there’s a lot of hatred toward us from Hillary Clinton’s camp.  Interesting that with such extreme anti-Catholic sentiment that Hillary would have chosen a running mate who claims to be an ardent Catholic. Except, he is exactly what she wants—someone that would confuse Catholics thinking it’s fine to advocate for abortion and have taxpayers fund it even though you know it’s wrong. Promoting abortion is a mortal sin. Even for supposed ardent Catholic politicians.
          Hillary and friends are simply doing what Satan and his minions have wanted to do that since the beginning—destroy us.  Ain’t happening.  But realize, fellow Catholics, we have been complimented in the most powerful of ways. It is Catholics who she fears most.  Christians in general are obstacles, but it is the fire and the pillar of truth that is feared most by her.
          Other denominations have wobbled and fallen.  Just yesterday I read of a female Protestant pastor announced it was God’s will for her to have an abortion. She and I do not pray to the same God and she should be using a small “g” when she says that.
          WikiLeaks revealed a lot.  Everyone should read about the cunning desire to create a “Catholic Spring” and disrupt our Catholic Church.  How dare they. A few good sources to understand the evil against Catholics afoot are: Mark Thiessen in the Washington Post, the  National Catholic Register and Archbishop Chaput.
          I am so very glad to be Catholic; so glad that my Church means something that evil cannot stand.  As much as hating Catholics is a compliment to all that we are, it is still an outrageous revelation of war against something that should be at the core of our being.
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