Monday, August 22, 2016

Global Warming Used to Stop Creating Children

The weather is being used to tell people not to have children.   The article: Should We Be Having Kids in the Age of Climate Change? tells of college professors instilling fear in students and telling them: Do not add any more carbon producers to our world!

The climate-change believers are cornering the guilt market much like Al Gore cornered the carbon credit market--making money at the expense of investors who lost hundreds of millions in his green companies.  Forbes reported that Al Gore and his carbon credit huckstering partner David Blood, were poised to make windfall profits selling CO2 offsets, but investing in hot air credits ended up being just a lot of hot air.  However, Blood and Gore were able to bank millions. 
But that is just a sidebar on using weather to manipulate investors. The ultimate goal is to manipulate people from investing in the next generation by not having it.
Climate-frightened professors warn students that by the time their children would come of age, we will be immersed in dangerous climate realities. Travis Rieder at James Madison University, was reported telling students:  "Here's a provocative thought: maybe we should protect our kids by not having them."  Right.  
Certainly, treat the world well, but God has not asked us to stop participating in creation. The climate is fine in heaven.    
My brother, Mike Maguire, is a meteorologist and atmospheric scientist who has studied the climate issue for years, writing and warning people not to fall for the lies.  He says we are being misled with bad policies based on bad climate science in a world where good has become bad and bad has become good to accomplish political agendas.  In this case, the agenda is to reduce the human population.

CO2 is a Good Thing
The following is a brief analysis from Mike on the CO2 scare.
The last 4 decades of weather/climate have featured the best conditions for life since the Medieval Warm Period, 1,000 years ago. Dial in the added beneficial CO2 and it’s the best for life right now since humans walked the earth.  Hundreds of studies conclusively show the massive benefits of increasing CO2.  Go here to put in the name of a plant and see for yourself how it responds to more CO2.
Granted, there is plenty of real pollution and damage that humans have done and are doing to the water, land and air (which is what we should be addressing).
Ironically, the recent increase in CO2 has  boosted global food production by 24%, so that we can feed more humans.  Our bin-busting crops keep getting bigger at a pace faster than the rate of world population growth.  The US in 2016 is smashing the previous year’s record highs for corn and soybean production.
The last 2 years, we just had a global temperature spike up from the natural El Nino that bumped up global temperature highs (with nothing bad happening) but we will cool back down in 2017-18 because of the natural La Nina.  This will continue the evidence, now 2 decades long, that the projected catastrophic global warming and climate disasters are not happening. (Slight, mostly beneficial warming, with heavier rains, yes.)
The only place where runaway, dangerous warming exists is on theoretical climate model projections. Biased climate scientists convinced that increased CO2 will cause catastrophic warming, plug in the directions to get to that warming destination and call it a climate model projection. Climate models have shown extremely poor accuracy so far. Putting in biased guesses has only resulted in climate models busting badly. The science was not settled 10 years ago as Al Gore famously insisted and the movement has assumed. One thing that has clearly emerged in the last 10 years is that many of the assumptions in 2006 were very wrong.
Basic Science, Basic Logic
These people have rewritten the law of photosynthesis we learned about as children: Sunshine +H2O +CO2 =O2 +Sugars (food). Without this law, there would be no life on earth. Why do you think greenhouses pump up the level of CO2? Now, thanks to this current administration and the EPA, they have changed the definition of CO2, a beneficial gas and part of an indisputable scientific law which brings food to animals and has existed since life began on this planet, to be defined as pollution.. The saddest thing of all is that they are polluting the minds of our young people by teaching them that CO2=pollution.
 Cold kills 20 times more humans than heat. Cold is what limits agricultural productivity.  Increasing CO2 from 280 parts per million (ppm) to the current 400 ppm is one of the biggest reasons this planet is capable of supporting many more humans today.
Just like CO2's role as a beneficial gas has been redefined by design, so has the role of our families.  The authentic science regarding CO2 actually tells us that it's resulting in much more atmospheric bounty and as a consequence, much higher world food production enabling us to welcome many more of God's children into the world.  How cunning that we are being told just the opposite. 
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