Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Get the Hierarchy Right to Avoid Insanity

How many of the two-dozen animal rights activists who gathered in Downtown Ann Arbor to mourn deer lives are prolife?  I bet I could not count them on one finger.  I am all for photosynthesis, but it’s not a sin to kill a fatted calf.  Meat is not even my favorite food choice--smoothies, salads, and corn chips are--but I defend your right to eat a hamburger.

In Ann Arbor's first deer cull, 63 deer were killed in 14 city parks and nature areas from January through March 1.  City officials want to get a handle on a deer overpopulation problem because there was a large increase in deer-involved traffic crashes this past year.  Some people actually get as emotional about the loss of human life as others do about animal life. 
The deer probably lived a carefree existence prior to getting shot and then afterwards, became fresh venison to feed the hungry. Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger kindly covered the costs of processing the venison to donate Food Gatherers to help the poor.
The people that were gathered to grieve deer lives are unsympathetic about the problems deer overpopulation cause. Neither do they care about feeding the poor if it involves meat. What they care about is something quite different.

Animal Piety
The mood was somber, and hearts heavy at the gathering calling for "Ann Arbor to return to a path of peace.”  The protesting group stood in a circle, offered prayers, sang songs and passed a heart-shaped memento featuring an image of a deer as they shared some of the following thoughts:
"Deer lives matter, and all lives matter."
"We are all one in spirit."
"When we kill the deer, we kill ourselves."
There were 63 prayer flags hung along Fifth Avenue, each one depicting a set of hoof prints, representing a deer killed. They also left flowers and candles around a deer-shaped topiary, transforming it into a memorial site.
After the gathering dispersed, there were no reports that the deer-lovers continued on to the city’s Planned Parenthood abortion facility to mourn the loss of human babies. Where were the prayer flags depicting a set of baby footprints to represent their lives? There would have been far more than 63 of them.

PETA Goes Pro-life—Sort Of
Ironically, life-loving animal activists draw the line when it involves human life. Several years ago, PETA mentioned the building of the largest abortion clinic in the U.S.  Finally, I thought, they are recognizing human life forms!   It turned out to merely be an opportunity to place billboards near Planned Parenthood of Houston’s 78,000-square-foot baby-killing facility with the slogan: “Pro-Life? Go Vegan.”
Witty? Clever?  Cellulose is all well and good, but our life force comes from God, the creator of all life.  He gave us a hierarchy. The ones with souls have dominion over the ones that don’t.
We do not have dominion over babies in the womb because those are human beings—lives already set in motion. That is why those little lives are worth so much on the resale parts market among researchers with a hankering for experimentation on human fetuses. 
There is obviously a disconnect when people get choked up over a deer’s life ending because it’s an inconvenience to society but are okay with ending a baby’s life if it’s an inconvenience to someone. When establishing a hierarchy of value, if humans are not at the top, then insanity follows.  I rest my case.

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