Monday, August 24, 2015

12 Things to Know about Pro-abortion Activists

How could they?  Looking at the undercover videos exposing the horrifying reality of all that comes with abortion, it’s a burning question.  How  could human beings callously kill and cut up babies; some with hearts still beating?  Our beliefs may be polar opposites, but our prayers can be fueled with compassion if we understand why they sit in the enemy camp.
1) They probably had an abortion or were involved in one in some way. Until they are ready to confront their personal demons, they cannot confront any part of the issue.

2) They are terrified. You thought they were just angry at pro-lifers. Psychology contends that when confronted with pain, the anger response will precipitate the release of a chemical expressly designed to numb it. Woman and men who acknowledge regret for their abortions almost always admit going through a period of numbness before coming to grips with their realty.

3) Their hearts have grown cold.  Deacon David Russell, author of the upcoming book about men and abortion titled, “Through My Father’s Eye’s, said in an interview with me, that watching the videos reminded him of the people involved in the Holocaust.  “The Nazis had a total disregard for the human dignity of their victims,” he said.  “I can see that same attitude in the demeanor of the people at Planned Parenthood. They have blocked off a piece of their own humanity but I can’t believe they started out that way.” Instead, he said he surmises that giving in to evil ultimately deadened their consciences.

4) They don’t care if babies are cut up and sold. If they don’t care that the babies are killed, the rest will not matter to them.  Thus, no one should be surprised that Senate Democrats (all but one) voted against defunding Planned Parenthood and are calling to investigate the makers of the videos rather than caring that laws were broken.

5) They are brainwashed.  I’ve been to an abortion rally where mothers had their children hold up pro-choice signs and told them they didn’t want them to be around people like me. Just as in a cult, they live in a social straightjacket with liberal, pro-abortion advocates. Becoming prolife would be akin to joining the secret witness protection program—friends would stop knowing them.

6) They are tangled in a web.  Pro-abortion politicians have been bought and paid for, some people earn their paychecks through abortion, and all surround themselves with like-minded people.  Few abortion advocates even looked at the video because it would be too complicated to go there.

7) They think you are a nut job—perhaps dangerously so. Linda Couri shares her testimony of how she went from working in the abortion industry with the people she thought were the nice ones to converting and joining the other side which she had initially viewed as hateful. It is one reason that pro-lifers must always reach out in gentleness.

8) Our prayers for them will come back to us.  We can’t just love the unborn and not care about the people in the abortion industry. They are a part of the equation of all that we are losing in society.  The mercy we show them will be measured back to us, (Luke 6:38). They are God’s children.  He loves them. They are broken, wounded, and seriously misled.  It pleases God when we pray for them.

9) They are reachable.  Some of the most hardened pro-abortion activists have converted to the pro-life side.  No one is beyond divine transformation. Consider that Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the Jewish abortionist-turned-Catholic-pro-lifer went from helping to make abortion legal and even aborting his own child, to spending his life fighting against abortion.

10) They are losing. And even they think so.  Pro-choice advocates are dropping in opinion polls and losing legislative ground. Pro-abortion enthusiasts often become prolife but not the other way around. And killing off the next generation ultimately leads to extinction.

11) They Lie.  After all, they don't want people to know they are losing. They don't want to believe it themselves.  They also want to believe that killing babies is a good thing for society, so there's no way around it, they must lie. 

12. They are Our Opportunity.  Converts who share their testimonies are powerful weapons against abortion. Carrying signs that read: "I Regret My Abortion" speaks volumes. In their confusion and in their pain, pro-abortion advocates are opportunities for us to show love and compassion as we fight against them with the hope that they will one day join us. 
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