Monday, July 28, 2014

Contraception Tweet-lash

I recently posted a prolife, anti-contraception tweet that leaked onto the screens of people who insist on separating sex from procreation.   One person commented that I was “50 cards short of a full deck” for my tweet that said:  “Abortion is backup for contraception. Until we get rid of contraception, we won't get rid of abortion. #life #Prolife #tcot #trcot

          A couple people tried to instruct me:

You realize use of contraception reduces the abortion rate, right? Eliminating contraception will increase abortions.”
“If you get rid of contraception, you will get abortion x 1,000”
Another thought I must have mistyped my message.
“Wait, WHAT?! You mistyped this right? B/C until we get rid of RESTRICTIONS on contraception, we won’t get rid of abortion.”
Others got angry. One person had trouble believing people thought like I did. Another tweet said if I was against contraception, then my desire to get rid of abortion was basically horse excrement.

People were very disgusted at what they perceived as my ignorance.  One said: 

                “It's about shaming and punishing women for having sex. @PattiArmstrong
I tweeted that when contraception failed, there was an unwanted baby, which often led to abortion.  I said people cared more about sex than life since abortion was acceptable but abstinence was not.  Someone told me it was BS that people cared more about sex than life and that anyone serious about life would support expanded contraception. I was also warned to keep in mind that some babies come into the world unwanted.  I responded: “Huh? Better aborted than born unwanted? Some people want those babies; some fall in love with theirs.”
 A person brought up rape—I told them to stick to the subject.  When I mentioned self-control and God’s plan, “#sarcasm” showed up.  In the end, I don’t suppose my tweets converted anyone, but I planted seeds and I’ll pray for their conversion. And understanding.   
They Just Don’t Get It
Some people suggested that those who follow Catholic teaching don’t like sex.  But we love it.  We also respect it.  We know it is a gift from God, that when misused, has consequences for individuals and society. 
Pope Paul VI
In 1968, Pope Paul VI, issued his prophetic encyclical, Humanae Vitae, which reiterated 2,000 years of Catholic teaching that artificial contraception is sinful. It wasn’t the case of a single, celibate, old man not wanting the rest of us to have fun when he affirmed the Christian condemnation against contraception.  God had not announced a change of plans regardless of the advent of modern contraception.  Thus, the Pope stayed the course. There was no mob rule at the Vatican.  Nor did the conveniences of modern technology revamp God’s rules on creation.

Grave Consequences Predicted
History now shows that Pope Paul knew the score.  He predicted the increased use of contraception would lower moral standards including an increase in divorce, adultery, and abortion.  It became easier for men to see woman as just sex objects and easier to blame women for unintended pregnancies, thus denying personal responsibility. Pornography is ubiquitous now and suggesting that people not have sex outside of marriage is ridiculed.  China and India force contraception on women and procreation and sex have become distant relatives for many.
Abstinence is scoffed at. Self-control is not an option but abortion is.  Everyone knows abstinence is not easy, but some people don’t even realize it is possible.  Given that standards have fallen so low, it’s no surprise that my tweet shocked some.  The contraception genie is out of the bottle and has had its way with society.  We are not the people we once were.  So, yeah, I understand why my tweet received backlash.  Refraining from sin has become unimaginable to many.  Sin is no longer even recognizable.  Neither is sex.  It used to be attached to responsibility and marriage, even if human nature often did fall short.  
I’m not claiming following Catholic teaching is easy but it’s possible.  And following animal instincts is only easy in the beginning.  Things can go downhill rather quickly afterwards.
At any rate, it all started with a simple tweet that is statistically correct.  More contraception = more sex between people that don’t want to parent together = more unwanted pregnancies = more abortions. And even if that one person was correct that I am 50 cards short of a full deck, it wouldn’t matter. The Catholic Church has the full truth, and it’s their deal.
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