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Former Actress Stars in Live Action Abortion Video

Emily Letts during abortion
Abortion counselor Emily Letts is being celebrated for starring in her own abortion video.  Her intended message to pregnant women: Come follow me! Having your baby removed is a breeze.

Emily, who works at a New Jersey abortion clinic, had sex with someone with whom she did not want to raise a child and  a new human being was created.  She decided to end motherhood through a surgical abortion.  The former actress decided to make a video capturing the moment that her baby would be separated from her life-sustaining uterus, although we only see Emily, not the actual abortion.  For this accomplishment, Emily is featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine—the magazine that does not just sell sex but promotes killing the results. 

Cosmo described the video as “non-graphic.”   Not one dismembered part, no blood, and no vacuuming is shown. Basically, the abortion video includes everything except the abortion.  Instead, we see Emily, breathing (at least someone gets to) and humming thorough the “procedure.”  When Emily’s video won the Abortion Care Network’s Stigma Busting video competition it went viral.
In the Cosmo interview, Emily shared that as a professional actress, she was often depressed, did not like her body, and was competitive with other women causing her to feel alienated.  Then, her life changed. Through stories from a friend who was a birth doula, Emily became a “birth junkie.”  The miracle of the body fascinated her. It was news to her—and to me just now—that there are three kinds of doulas—birth, adoption, and abortion.  The idea of helping women through abortion occurred to her as a way to support and reassure them. She wanted to let them know they were still beautiful and wonderful.  For the record, Emily and friends, pro-life advocates think women are beautiful and wonderful--—born and unborn, pregnant, post-abortive…all women.  That’s why we love them so much and don’t want them to die or kill unnecessarily.
Emily was trained as a doula and then went to work for the abortion clinic.  After working at the clinic for a year, she discovered her pregnancy.  She admits sheepishly that she was not using contraception. Even though Emily said she is a “sex educator” and loves talking about birth control, she was afraid of the complications from hormonal birth control.   Her instincts are well founded since in July 29, 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO), declared the combined estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives as a Group 1 carcinogenic, the highest classification of carcinogenicity. This, by the way, is the most commonly prescribed form of contraceptive used by more than 100 million women—about 10% of all women of reproductive age.  
Emily told Cosmos she was tracking her ovulation cycle and did not have any long-term partners but explained that well, things happen and, “I wound up pregnant.”   She revealed that it’s a workplace hazard to often think you are pregnant.  So she takes pregnancy tests “all the time.” Again, this is news to me.  (Care for a cup of coffee?  Sure, right after I take this pregnancy test.  Hello? No I’m not really busy, but can I call you back right after I take this pregnancy test?)
On a whim, she took another test, and there it was: two pink lines.  A baby had been created.  She said it was a feeling of “implodes and explodes simultaneously.”  I personally don’t know what that means.  She likened it to a tornado sucking out all the breath of her lungs.  This is good.  Emily realized that being pregnant with a baby actually meant something.  Something big.  Big enough to stop breathing for a moment.
She was so close to the truth but then she had to go and breathe again. That broke the spell. “Once I caught my breath, I knew immediately I was going to have an abortion.” She cited the reason was she was not ready to take care of a child. The father, referred to as “the guy” was not involved in the decision to kill their child.
It occurred to Emily that patients often ask her if she ever had an abortion. That gave her the idea to use her abortion by recording it to encourage other women to end their pregnancies this way.  Another woman had filmed herself taking the RU486 pill but when Emily realized no one had ever filmed herself having a surgical abortion—bingo! —her idea was born. (But not her baby.)
She figured that showing the short procedure to women who  “know that they can’t carry the child at this moment” would comfort them.  Had she actually shown the abortion, it would certainly not have comforted them.  Sucking out a baby is not a comforting image for pregnant  women.  Emily said she focused on staying positive and relished all the love in the room—except no one loved her baby.  She recounted breathing and humming through it “like I was giving birth,” and referred to it as a special memory.  She keeps the sonogram in her apartment and said it would be the first thing she would grab in case of a fire.
Still, Emily said that every time she watches the video, she loves it.  She wants women to be confident having abortions and not to feel guilty.  Emily reports that she did not feel bad about any of this, other than a tinge embarrassed about abstaining from birth control.  But, she reported that she had an IUD put in after the abortion.  Emily had avoided oral contraception for the side effects so I hope she gets around to learning about all the dangers of IUD’s.  LifeSiteNews has reported that lawsuits abound from women who have suffered injuries from them. 
My heart breaks for Emily for many other reasons, however.  She has a heart.  Emily delights in the miracle of the body and life. She wants to help women realize they are beautiful and wonderful. Her first instinct was to realize a pregnancy was something out of the ordinary.  She mistakenly thinks some women “know that they can’t carry the child at this moment,” not realizing there is no such “knowing.” There is adoption and there is help.  Emily also mistakenly thinks that you can get rid of guilt as easily as she got rid of her child. Guilt occurs when behavior does not match with morals.  It’s healthier and happier to change the behavior than it is to ditch the morals.
Emily is right that the body is wonderful and beautiful.  Babies are wonderful and beautiful. No amount of pro-abortion propaganda can change that.  Emily is wounded.  Her logic shows that she was wounded before her film debut but now, the wound must go even deeper regardless of her denial.  I will pray for her.  She seems to have good heart but her thinking is tragically confused.  We know that God loves Emily and all his children, both born and unborn.  So please pray to our Creator in Heaven that Emily and those like her, will come to recognize the beauty and sacredness of life.  

Here is pro life activist, Monica Miller's rebuttal to Emily's video. 

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