Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bible Series Success and a Contest

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      Do you love the Bible? Are you passionate about it? And how about your kids?  Does the Bible excite them? 
      Whether you or they are or are not, if you have not been turning on The Bible every Sunday on the History Channel, you are missing an epic television event. 

It’s not often that a #1 TV program gives glory to God but this one does.  The 5-part, 10-hour series is exciting for both parents and kids alike. I’m thinking God might be excited about it too.
        Executive producer Mark Burnett and his wife, “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey’s 10-hour miniseries, The Bible, premiered on March 3, as the #1 cable telecast of the year and the #1 trend on Twitter.
       “People of all denominations showed the power that can be unleashed in our culture when we band together,” said Roma. “The world is won when the church is one.” The five-part BIBLE series was not only the most watched TV program of the night; the number grew every thirty minutes during the two-hour segment.
      "This book is alive,” Burnett said. "People are talking more about the faithfulness and perseverance of Noah, Abraham and Moses than any time in recent history."
      Part 2 of the mini-series aired on March 10. It will continue each Sunday in March with the final airing on Easter Sunday, March 31. The series covers Genesis to Revelation with two or three stories dramatized in depth each week.  This Sunday, Part 3 will conclude the Old Testament and the New Testament will be introduced.

THE BIBLE Series has given us the opportunity to reward our readers with an amazing giveaway.  One lucky fan will win the following:
  • An inspiring devotional titled, “A Story of God And All Of Us, Reflections” The devotional will enable the reader to experience the main themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  It features a daily devotional reading to inspire readers.
  • The companion novelization to this epic mini-series titled, “A Story of God And All Of Us, A Novel” 
  • The official soundtrack which includes the moving score by composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean)
THE BIBLE series will air every Sunday until Easter on The History Channel (please check your local listings for time).  The three companion books are all available at your local Christian retail store or online at

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  1. Watching "The Bible" on Sunday nights reminds me of the great programming we boomers watched as kids, such as "Walt Disney Presents" or "The Ed Sullivan Show." The Bible is the greatest book ever written and certainly deserves a weekly dramatic interpretation. It can also unite people of many faiths.

    For example, Jews, Christians and Muslims all honor Abraham as a patriarch/prophet. Jesus was a devout Jew who is the Son of God to Christians and a prophet to Muslims. His mother, Mary, Is honored by Christians and Muslims alike.

    God is love ... and the Bible is His divine word. We shouldn't be surprised at the ratings. What a script!

    1. Oh, I remember the Sunday night Walt Disney programs too. Our family really looked forward to them. It is like that for our family too, watching this series.

      Your observations really hits the nail on the head. Thanks for your comments.

  2. This is an anonymous comment.

  3. I am enjoying watching this series and am encouraged at how popular it is!

  4. The theme of God’s love, and our ability to trust in Him, weaves throughout the program like a golden thread, binding the series together and presenting a truth applicable to any day and age. The music is very moving and the acting has given me a fresh perspective on several Biblical figures. I found myself looking through the eyes of Sarah as she wondered if her husband had sacrificed their son; and through the eyes of Moses, who knew that God would not lead them to the Red Sea only to abandon them. This series does indeed bring the Bible to life.

  5. Nice. THis contest looks amazing. I really hope that I win it.

  6. Thanks for having this contest. I'm really enjoying the series.

  7. Though we do not have a television, so have not yet seen the series (will it be on Hulu or youtube?) I am excited about this positive contribution to TV viewers. Like Roma said, “People of all denominations showed the power that can be unleashed in our culture when we band together." To God be the GLORY!

  8. Don't know where the We Cry Out thing came from but the above is my comment, Patti~

    Jann F.

  9. I have it recorded so that I can sit down and watch it. So excited to have a new pope!


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